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Aphrodite Kyriazi lives in Kalamata, Southern Greece, where she grew up and draws much of her inspiration. She returned to this region after finishing her formal studies at the prestigious Architecture University of Thessaly. Kalamata has played a determining role in her development, honing her talent and creative ability under the watchful eye of Elena Kyriazi, a great teacher and accomplished painter in her own right and Aphrodite’s mother. Elena could see from early age that Aphrodite had an innate talent and an ability to capture movement in her painting and encouraged Aphrodite to explore her creativity. During her studies, Aphrodite was fortunate to meet and engage with some insightful and unique personalities within the Greek Art world. This grew into an inspirational and motivating experience which encouraged Aphrodite challenge herself and to pursue her passion. Aphrodite’s substantial works on a variety of themes is a testament to her insatiable passion to produce masterpieces that came freely from her heart through her hands. She has an ability to capture imagery with her brush like so few of her time.

Aphrodite has exhibited widely across Greece and abroad over several years from 2013-2016 with a great success. Aphrodite had her first solo art exhibition on a Greek island Kefallinia, with an exhibition of works titled 'driving through time' at 'the Ionian Center for Arts and Culture,  an affiliate of Plymouth University, in May 2013.
Her second solo painting exhibition was in Kalamata at the PHARAE PALACE hotel, in June 2014. Three further solo exhibitions followed during September 2014, an exhibition hosted by the Christian association in Sidirokastro of Serres (the Pan-Hellenic Congress of Speleologists), at Serres in the Central Library and a third at Thessaloniki La Doze Gallery.
In May 2015, Aphrodite exhibited again in Kalamata with works titled 'Art of Time' at the exclusive Hibiscus Hotel & Resort. She went on to exhibit again in Vitina of Arcadia, the 'Old Vitina' –outdoors, during the events of Menalon Trail. This exhibition was of works entitled 'the sound of time'. Aphrodite’s next participation was in a group painting exhibition organized by the Kick Sarcoma organization of Singapore during October 2015.

In December 2015, Aphrodite participated in the Vitina Arkadia art week, in a group art exhibition which was organized by the Cultural Company of Saronic PES POLYTROPON in Athens. She exhibited again in 2015 in a group art exhibition hosted by the 'Ergastiri Skepsis' in Psiri, Athens.

In March 2016, Aphrodite participated in a group art exhibition called ‘Garage’ organized by Studio start up Gallery at Taranto in Italy.
A solo art exhibition was held during the events of ‘Vespathinaia’ 2016 organized by the Athens Vespa Club on 9-10 of April 2016 which hosted by the cultural multiplex building ‘Athinais’.
August 2016 saw Aphrodite’s artwork represented in Vitina Greece and also in a Greek Island of Lesvos at Agia Paraskeuh, during summer cultural events on the Island.
October 2016, Aphrodite again participated in two group art exhibitions, one with works entitled ’circle of life’ organized by the Kick Sarcoma organization  at the Maya Gallery in Singapore and the second in Chili Art Gallery with works titled ’Texnis Orata Kai Aorata’ in Athens Greece.

In June 2016 Aphrodite was published in the prestigious Journal of Creative Arts and Minds of Red Springs North Carolina, in the United States, with an article dedicated to the artist and her work of art.

Many of Aphrodite’s fine artworks are held by astute art lovers in private collections all over Greece and abroad, including Italy, Singapore, Sweden, Australia and the UK.
As an active member of UNESCO, Aphrodite has volunteered and organized art workshops for underprivileged children consisting of fun workshops, and artistic painterly- sculptural effects and animation. Her tireless artistic work as a mean of concern for environmental issues, in addition to voluntary contribution entitled her as a green artist.

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The desire to capture my thoughts and my experiences, made me turn into painting where the canvas has proved to be the best narrative medium for me.

My themes act as a calendar of events, stories and memories. The endless journey of our thoughts leads to a non-stop dance flirting with eternity. Shapes, colors and nature are the basic elements that construct memories. These in turn build a space-time with a sense of nostalgia for the past and optimism for the future.


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